Jandi’s food is*:


Free of: Cholesterol, Dairy Products, Wheat Products, Yeast and Refined Sugar ● Some of the most delicious organic vegetarian food you will ever eat!







3000 Long Beach Road

Oceanside, NY  11572




HOURS 8AM-8PM – 7 days a week!


Jandi’s 100% satisfaction guarantee:  If you are unhappy with any fresh juice or fresh food, let us know and we will happily remove it from your bill and find you something more to your liking.



*Non-organic ingredients are used when organic ones are not commercially available.  Items prepared without soy cheese are vegan.  Dishes that contain soy cheese are technically not “dairy free” as the soy cheese used contains casein - a milk protein.  Casein is okay for most people with dairy allergies.  The bread we use for sandwiches contains sprouted wheat.  Brown rice syrup and maple syrup are our primary sweeteners.



Refreshing    Cleansing    Delicious


Enjoy any combination of our organic juice bar vegetables, fruits and extras.

Wheatgrass too!  Our customers say “It’s the best tasting in the country”




Who needs ice cream?


Jandi’s smoothies of the day and protein shakes are made from freshly frozen organic fruits blended with your choice of soy milk (vanilla or chocolate) rice milk, or apple juice.





Call or ask for our fresh hot soup of the day or select from our fresh frozen soups!


Split Pea • Red Lentil Vegetable • Persian Lentil • Zucchini Bisque • Black Bean • Creamy Cauliflower • Creamy Broccoli • Carrot Cashew • Miso • Vegetable Bean Barley • Golden Onion • Gazpacho • Navy Bean • Sweet Potato Squash • Spinach Potato Leek • Baby Lima Bean • Tomato Chowder • Roasted Chic Pea • Pumpkin Bean • Lima Minestrone •Tomato Lentil Quinoa • Creamy Garlic Potato


3.89 per pint   7.59 per quart






Sprouted Sunflower Burger •
Sprouted Lentil Burger
Krimson Burger •Sprouted Red Lentil Salad • Live Tabouli • Sprouted Wild Rice Salad • Sprouted Hummus • Red Cabbage Slaw • Sunflower Spinach Pate • Raw Granola • Sprout Salad • Mescal Salad • Chicpea Spinach Salad • Romaine Mix • Love Rolls • Raw Peach Pie • Raw Papaya Pie Raw Berry Pie



Soy Cheese Avocado • Roasted Tempeh Reuben Baked Tofu with Roasted Red Pepper & Pesto • Peanut Butter & Jelly


Or Create Your Own!



Pasta Primavera Vermicelli Yum YumOriental Noodle Broccoli AlmondineCandied Yams String Bean Almondine• Sautéed Greens Roasted Eggplant Spaghetti Squash and Peas Baked VegetablesRoasted Vegetables Steamed Vegetables3 Bean Salad Wild Rice PilafRed Lentil Pate Sweet & Sour TempehVegetarian Pepper Steak BBQ TempehSea vegetable Salad Roasted CauliflowerRoasted Squash Lentil Walnut PateBeet Salad Vegetable QuicheZucchini Brown Rice Casserole Tofu Dogs and BeansVeggie Bean Burrito Spinach Baked ShellsEggplant Parmigian Brown Rice BurgerTofu Arame Burger Millet CroquetBaked Sweet & White Potato Pancakes Sesame Tofu PouchesCurried Chickpeas and Tofu Tofu LoafTempeh Bean Chili • 3 Sisters Croquette • Brown Rice Pizza • Tofulettes • Mock Tuna • Hummus • Mock Chicken

Nori Rolls prepared Tuesdays and Thursdays





An assortment of mouth watering, healthy treats.  Selection varies daily.


CAKES:  Voluptuous Chocolate • Lemon Blueberry • Carrot • Apple    Walnut • Chocolate Walnut Brownie • Coffee Cake • Orange Chocolate Chip • Carob Squash • Banana Bread  


MUFFINS: Apple Walnut • Carrot Oat Bran • Blueberry Corn • Almond BerryBanana Walnut • Peanut Butter & Jelly • Pumpkin Spice • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip • Pear Walnut


COOKIES: Thumbprint Jelly • Carob Chip• Choco Oat Berry Oatmeal Raisin • Peanut Butter Jelly Chocolate Chip • Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti • Cinnamon Raisin Biscotti • Chocolate Almond Biscotti


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